Hi, I'm Kosmos Orlov

Ice Hockey Player

The puck is dropped. More speed, more drive. The defensemen chase me but they will not stop me


11 years, 2013


Dynamo Moscow


66, 17




ZaryaD C400


Left, p28


CCM 9380 ST


CCM, Bauer, Ice Armor

Kosmos Orlov

About Kosmos

Hi! I'm Kosmos Orlov - an ordinary boy from a ordinary city in a ordinary country. I have one brother and four sisters and they are also completely ordinary, just as ordinary as my Mom and Dad. I also have a cat named Pepsi.

Like all boys, I love to do many things. I love to play chess, football, watch cartoons, and I love Lego Ninjago. I also enjoy playing outside, going for walks, riding my bike and my hover board, and I even love running on the roof like Karlsson! Most of all, I love everything about hockey. I love to train, practice, play, and celebrate with my teammates. Hockey is my favorite thing in life!

Kosmos ice hockey player

I started playing hockey when I was 5 years old, in the summer of 2018. The first time I tried skating, I loved it so much even though I couldn't skate very well. My first school was the Wings of the Soviets, and when I got there I could barely skate. Now, thanks to my coaches and lots of practice, I skate much better and study in club with Dynamo Moscow.

My hockey idol is Alex Ovechkin. He is my uncle on my Mother's side. He does not really know about me yet, but I will gain his attention and recognition by my play, and my effort on and off the ice. One day, I hope to have the chance to score more goals than him. I hope he will be as proud of me as I am of him.

Kosmos Orlov ice hockey player

Kosmos Orlov

Kosmos is a young athlete and hockey player from Moscow, Russia. "I work every day to become a more complete player- A faster skater, a harder and more accurate shooter, and a better teammate". ~Kosmos