Alexander Ovechkin is Uncle of Kosmos

Alexander M.

Alexander Ovchekin is my uncle in Mom's line. He doesn't know about my existence, but I really hope that he finds out. Uncle tell nothing, all and so know. So I'll just give you a short list of my favorite quotes from him

  • I didn't study well at school, what can I hide here. The following words do not about me: It managed to play sports, and learn well
  • You must be the best in everything and have a character of steel to life, and sports constantly push yourself out of your comfort zone
  • Mom and Dad are the first people to whom I turn for advice, for help. Without a family, it would be hard for everyone to achieve something, and I am no exception
  • I have a sporting attitude to life: if something fails, it does not mean that it should not be achieved
  • There will never be such a thing that everyone will love. Someone will love, someone will hate
  • To become the best, you need to work hard. In hockey, nothing is given just like that

My Three Dreams

I have three dreams that I really want to come true. I really hope that my Uncle will find out about me and they will come true

Found out about me

Just found out that he has a nephew Kosmos who also plays hockey. Even if we are not destined to see each other, I really want my Uncle to know about me

See me

If my Uncle finds out about me and decides to meet me, my joy will not be limited. Honestly, I think I will be very shy, but I really want it

Played hockey with me

If a second dream come true, I dare to dream seriously about the third - namely, to play with my Uncle in our favorite sport - hockey, and learn from him

Our eye

None of my family I have no such eye structure as me. The structure of my eyes is most similar to the eyes of my Uncle