See Episode 3 and win prizes

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Hello, friends! I am holding a cool contest "See Episode 3 and win prizes", in honor of the release of the third series of the annual film TOP-10 of my goals for the season. The contest has prizes from cool hockey sponsors and a super prize from me!


Anyone from anywhere in the world can participate in the Contest, there are no restrictions! The prize will be sent to any country and any city where the mail reaches!


You can take part in the contest and get tickets from 03:00, 26-06-2022 to 06:00, 25-08-2022. The prize draw will take place at 21:00, 25-08-2022.


Everyone from all over the world can take part in the contest, you just need to fulfill a few conditions.

    1. Be subscribed in Instagram to the following accounts during the entire contest:
  • @kosmosorlov
  • @lyod
  • @vitokin
  • @icearmor
    3. Find and collect all the letters from the video, they make up the keyword, and send it to me in Direct. The letters in blue are pasted into the video, here's what they look like:
    4. That's it! You will receive an answer in your Direct, and if you have collected the correct word and fulfilled the other conditions, then I will send you your ticket number for the draw

It remains to wait for the draw, which will be held online on 25-08-2022 or get more tickets!


All participants who received a ticket can receive additional tickets and significantly increase their chances of winning. There are several options.

    1. Repost the contest post from my feed to your story and get +3 tickets
    2. Add a direct link to the video "Episode 3" in this repost, through the Stories tools and get +3 tickets
    3. Tag your friend's Instagram account ( @kosmosorlov for example ) in the comments to the post in the story, a maximum of 3 friends count and get +1 ticket per friend
    4. Add a comment to my video "Episode 3" on YouTube, indicating your Instagram account at the end of the comment, enclosing it in brackets ( @kosmosorlov for example) and get +2 tickets

You can maximize your chances by 12 times by getting up to 11 additional tickets.


The draw will be held online at 21:00, 25-08-2022 using a random number generator. All tickets received by the participants participate in the draw.

When a ticket number appears online, the fulfillment of the conditions of the contest by the winner will be checked. If the participant did not fulfill them, the draw is repeated again. Dropped tickets are excluded from the drawing of the following prizes, if they fall out again, the drawing is repeated again. One participant can only win one prize, even if he has several tickets. Tickets increase the chances of winning, but if a participant has already received one prize, he does not participate in the drawing of others, and if his ticket falls out, the drawing is repeated again.

There will be 5 winners in total. Prizes will be sent at the expense of the contest organizer or sponsors no later than a month from the end of the contest!


The contest is raffled off::

    1. Neck protection from IceArmor. The winner will be able to choose the size they want. You must choose the size no later than three days after the win, informing me in Direct.
    2. Hockey bag from Vitokin. There are two hockey bags to choose from for children or adults. You must choose no later than three days after winning, informing me in Direct.
    3. Hockey jewelry from the Lyod. There are 4 beautiful pendants to choose from. You must choose no later than three days after winning, informing me in Direct.
    4. 2000 gems to play Brawl Stars. The winnings will be transferred to the winner in a manner depending on the country in which the winner lives.
    5. Super prize - interactive dribbling board. Hockey training system, with several built-in games, which allows you to improve your stick handling technique.

Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash. After receiving the prize, the winners are obliged to take a high-quality photo with it and send it to me in Direct.